I had happy days when I was little. I lived with my grandparents. They were both nice to me.

I usually went mountain climbing with my grandfather. I could see a lot of beautiful flowers and scenery. The flowers smelled really good. I also saw some insects flying around me. The bees were working hard. The crickets were jumping in front of me. The cicadas were singing happily. What a wonderful day! I could also see a lot of interesting things on the way. There were some cute animals and plants. The trees were quite tall. I always told my grandfather that I wanted to be as tall as them someday. If the weather was nice, I could also see some eagles flying in the sky. They were so free and cool. I wished I were an eagle. I thought the life they led was great. Looking for eagles in the sky was a game between me and my grandfather. The person who found the eagle first could get a prize. I always tried hard to find the eagle first. This was a really good memory in my mind. Because of the happy childhood memory, mountain climbing had been an interest to me. The days with my grandfather were so happy and memorable. I usually thought of these happy days when I was sad. That made me feel more comfortable.

Now, I always think of my grandfather. He is just like an angle. The days with him were so happy. I thought I was just in the paradise! l loved him so much!


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