don't be sad about the contest too much
you did it quite well
i was proud of you
we sang very well
other people sang better
it wasn't our fault
maybe i can tell you an example
so that you can understand it
just talk about the mlb
if chien-ming wang won 20 games a season
but roy hallday won 23 games a season
who is better?
of course they are all really good
but roy hallday might win the cyon prize
so it's not chien-ming wang's fault
it's roy hallday did it excellent
i hope that your mind can get better after reading this comment

there's something good i want to tell you
i found a bookstore in Sogo
it's on the 10th floor
there are a lot of Japanese books there
i think you really want to go there, don't you?
i think you will be really happy there
you can find a lot of books there
so maybe you can go there this weekend

i want to tell you that you should't study badly because of emotion
you are really tired because of the contest
i think you should take a rest
maybe you can get better soon
and then you will have enough energy to prepare for the 2nd monthly test
i hope that you can have a better grades this time
you are a good learner
i think we can study together next Monday
have a nice weekend
By Your true Friend Milton

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